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Our Patients Say:

Quotes from our Patients:

“When I tell my friends that this tooth is an implant, they can’t believe it!” TK about an upper front tooth implant and crown

“Tell the doctor that this has been a great experience. The staff and treatment was great!”
RM after series of appointments.  Just here temporarily with his son as he recovers from health problems.

"I came to this office because Patti was so nice."

"I really love being here.  I have been away from California for 9 years, and I loved my dentist there - this is the first office since then that I really enjoy"  AM
"You are an artist" after placing 3 large composites (white bonded fillings) on upper front teeth). MP
"I came in with a frown and left with a smile".  JB after an onlay appointment

"I can't tell you how happy I am. I never used to smile - now I smile all the time. I have had so many compliments!" JL  after  having the upper front teeth restored with a veneer, a  3 unit bridge and 2 crowns.

"I'm so excited. I am usually so anxious about dental appointments, but I am not at this office"  KM
"I wish I got the NTI years ago. I  have only had 3 headaches since I got it!"  KB
"This has been a pleasure" after implant transfer impression. Meaning whole experience including implant placement by the periodontist, Dr. Marvil.  

"It's remarkable - I always feel an ache, and now it's gone!" LB, immediately after a limited occlusal adjustment .

"That was the best dental visit I have ever had - and you know I've had a lot of them.  You all were wonderful!"

"The sedation appointment
 was the single best dental appt I have ever had, even though I don't remember a lot of it!"   TC
"You're my hero today!"  after adjusting night guard to fit crowns that were seated after night guard was made.  ME

“ I feel great.  I forgot about it until I brushed the area. I was sore when the novacaine wore off, but I took some Tylenol and ibuprofen and then I was fine. I slept with no problem”. MG the day after connective tissue graft.
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